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Here are just a few examples of our previous work

These Gates are of a contemporary design. The Boar comes from the Insignia of the Roman legion that used to be located in the area. As I understand it, the Cat, Hare and Owl come from some of the Celtic history. There are actually two sets of these gates, facing each other at opposite sides of the property.

Forged gates and railings of a contemporary design, the stylised leaves are cut and forged from 6mm plate.

Single arched gate and railings on the left of the house, the railings are on a compound radius, sweeping down to the entrance of the property.  Double arched gate with short railing at the right side of the house.

These Gates are in the Ribble Vally.They were made years ago, early on in my blacksmithing career at a time when I was sharing a forge, and a working relationship with another blacksmith called Steve. So I can't take all the credit, Steve got the commission and we shared the work.


The  above gate is of a traditional design in keeping with the area, it is made of forged components, but assembled by threading the bars and securing them with square nuts. (close up, above left) The gate is a copy of the original at the entrance of the property.

Small field gate, also in keeping with the area. (left)